A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Explore areas full of traps, fight against enemies and collect all elements to open the gate to your freedom!

This game is a remake of "GET OUT of this dungeon" by Insanus. Check out the awesome original version here!!! (Project was created for testing an learning purpose)

Deepest Dunegeon is a challenging platformer made in a tiny resolution.

Deepest Dunegeon features:

  • 30 unique rooms!
  • An original soundtrack created by Pixel-Boy, (here!)
  • Gamepad support!
  • Exploring and fighting enemies, at the same time!
  • You will probably die a lot!

Each room is filled with obstacles, coins, awesome art and some have a secrets. Can you make your way through them and escape from this maze?! Will you take on this challenge?


DeepestDungeon v1.0 win.zip 14 MB
DeepestDungeon v1.0 mac.app.zip 18 MB